The Call of the Drums

The Mystery of TranceDance

Trancedance Facilitator Training with Luzia and Rishi

  • Do you work with people and want to expand your toolbox?

  • Are you interested in healing through trance and dance?

  • Would you like to use an effective and exciting healing method for yourself and others?

We invite you on a powerful healing- and training-journey in Tuscany. You have the opportunity to connect with your primal power and your inner dancer. This connection will strengthen your path and you gain new skills in how to bring your gifts into the world.

In this 7-day training we teach trance dance as a method for transformation. You have the opportunity to experiment with your new "know-how" directly in the group. Through this training you get the tools to practice trance dance for yourself and to offer trance dance events and workshops.


What you learn and take home

  • TranceDance is an ancient technique to expand our consciousness. It is a method for integrating and activating the self-healing powers. Depending on the cultural origin, this ritual is practiced in different forms around the world to this day and is becoming increasingly popular in our latitudes.

  • TranceDance has a broad cultural background and aims to connect us with nature, our own inner world, our "Spirit Guides" and helps to attain heightened states of consciousness. Often it is a deep, transformative and healing process, sometimes pure ecstasy!

  • Trance is a state that can be induced in various ways. These include different breathing patterns, monotonous chants, certain sequences of movements or postures, as well as the intake of natural or chemical mind-expanding substances. With the help of trance and dance, most people are able to immerse themselves in the "other world" quite quickly.

  • The trance state makes it possible to deepen our consciousness and to open our ability to experience healing. It sometimes brings miraculous, but at least interesting experiences

  • The magic word to achieve this is Intention. With a clear orientation, we direct our thoughts and energy to a certain spectrum of experiences. We create a stream of energy and our attention follows. This can lead us to answers for important questions, getting in touch with spiritual helpers, open the view on long-forgotten events and experiences, having visions for the future path of life, and more


What you learn and take home

  • The 6 most important tools in a trance dance

  • Trance techniques using breath, ritual, music, movement

  • How to prepare TranceDance events

  • Ho to guide TranceDance rituals

  • How to create an atmosphere for rituals

  • How to select suitable music & flow for TranceDance

  • How to create and maintain a Sacred (save) Space

  • How to guide a group

  • How to work on your appearance, language and voice

  • How to let go of the "mind" and follow your intuition

  • and much more

You will benefit from our training: 

  • if you already work with people in groups or individually.

  • if you work in the fields of healing, therapy, dance, psychology, rituals

  • if you like to dance and can imagine guiding other people to do so

  • if you are looking for new skills to work with dance, trance and music

  • if you are willing to reflect and want to progress in your development

The Team:

We have both received our training many years ago through Frank Natale. Frank was a pioneer in the field of self developement processes and created his own school of neo-shamanism. He brought various healing rituals from his travels to the indigenous peoples of Africa, South America and Asia (back) in the USA and central Europe. We are connected to his teaching, and we also bring our own wealth of experience into this training.

Luzia Mara (Lua Luz) is a movement pedagogue and therapist and wrote her diploma thesis on trance dance in 2004. She studied trance dances in other cultures and taught trance dance herself for many years. At the moment she works mainly as a modern priestess, guiding people through life transitions with ceremonies and educating people to do this work.


Rishi is a passionate percussionist, musician and music producer and has been accompanying people on their journey for over 30 years. Among other things, he has produced well-known TranceDance CD's. "Forget your Limitations" and „Remember your Freedom“ are widely used in trance dance, conscious dance and healing workshops. He owns a recording studio and leads shamanic retreats and workshops and is a certified Drum Circle Facilitator.


The Location 

In Podere Amarti we have found a wonderful place in Tuscany. A seminar house near Pisa, where many shamanic retreats and trainings have taken place as well as the recordings for our TranceDance music albums

The former farmhouse (ital. Podere) is picturesquely situated in the tuscan hills between Florence and Pisa and is run by two very friendly and loving hosts and their team. The buildings are surrounded by olive groves, hills and valleys as well as small forest areas which invite you to roam and walk. Have a look:




              Podere Amarti from above


The Food

To rave about the quality of Italian cuisine would be like carrying owls to Athens. Delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes in organic quality are offered.

Tea, coffee and filtered water are available throughout the day. Also fresh fruit.

The rooms are bright and very creatively designed. The whole place is very clean and welcoming. On our website you can see more photos of the house and the rooms.



Dance your vision into reality


If you can walk, you can dance

If you can talk, you can sing

 african proverb

If you can clap, you can drum

Rishis addition 

We look forward to seeing you

Luzia and Rishi


Coming and going:

The training starts on 26th September in the evening at 18.00 with a meditation, followed by dinner and the first session

We end on October, 2nd after breakfast and a final session around 12:00



  • Pisa and Florence airport are about 35 minutes away by car. Flights to Pisa are regular and quite inexpensive depending on the departure airport

  • The nearest train station is San Romano S. Croce

  • Arrival by car: from/via Austria (Brenner motorway) the E45 to Bologna, and then via the E35 to Florence. Shortly before Rioveggio, the Autostrada (A1) divides into two routes - the "beautiful/panoramica" variant and the "fast/velocissima". The beautiful route is quite scenic and winding, the fast route leads almost exclusively through tunnels... The two routes meet again near Florence. Keep going towards Rome and take the exit "Scandicci" and take the SGC Firence-Pisa Livorno (FI-PI-LI) towards Pisa. Take the exit Montopoli Val d' Arno and in the huge roundabout, go towards Marti (watch out - the exit to Marti comes right after the Bar "La Rotonda"). In Marti, follow the main road until you leave the village behind (its a long village) and keep straight at the fork after the village. Then take the next possible road to the left (Via dell' Olmo) and follow the signs to Podere Amarti. When the paved road ends, keep going straight onto the unpaved road for about 400 - 500 mtr. and follow the signs to the parking area. Welcome

  • Alternatively, from Parma you can take the E33 towards La Spezia over the mountains and then on the E80 along the sea until the

    exit Pisa Aeroporto onto the SGC Firence-Pisa Livorno towards Firenze.
  • If you come from the West, you drive via Switzerland (take it easy - the speed tickets in Switzerland are very expensive). You drive towards Milan, then Bologna and from there it’s like the route via Austria...



Price for the seminar for 6 days incl. Trainings Manual

800 Euro  

900 CHF


Food and accomodation:


Full board in 2 bed room 69 €/day

Full board in 3-4 bed room 59 €/day

For tax- and insurance reasons, the seminar house is a kind of club (ARCI -). a one-time contribution of 10 € is added (You receive a member card, which is valid in many

To apply for the Training please fill the form HERE, and we will get back to you promptly








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