The Call of the Drums

Partner Links:

For my various events I collaborate with different partners musicians, organizers and venues. I also get invited to play with many different musicians from all over the world. Click the links to visit their respective websites:

Cesta Inspirace:

 Christian Bollmann:

 Dalibor Neuwirt -

 Dhwani W. Zapp - 

 Harshil Filippo Chiostri -

 Institut Bewusster leben und lieben -

 Lua Luz

 Mikael Khei -

 Maok -

 Milarepa -

 Nirava Dainotto -

 Nirava Flowingfeet Petra Cegla -

 Oslava Zivota -

 Paolo Borghi -

 Prem Joshua & Band -

 Shakya M. Grahe -

 Vojta Violinist:

 Virat Giuglio Larovere -


 Other links:

 Here you find some other useful links like dance therapists, seminar houses, drum manufacturers, music, etc.

 CD-Baby - and

 You can download our songs and albums as mp3 and even as flac. And also the physical albums in the US

 Podere Amarti -  Harshils beautiful seminar center in Tuscany, Italy

 Silenzio Music - - This is the page of our distributer for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

 Deva Leela Alessandra Klimciuk -


 Marie Korcakova -

 Ruth Ragna Axen -


 Soulevents - - Amira Julias Eventagentur

 Music Mosaic - - A great world music site which also sells some of my/our music

 David Roman Drums - - Some of the finest framedrums you can find, with the amazing pneumatic tuning system!!!

 BUTIBA - Butiba are organizing various seminars and festivals in Latvia

 Eva Deva Shakti - Eva is offering shamanic events and workshops, trancedance and women groups in Czech Republic

 Reise zur Ganzheit - - Ute Havemanns bietet Seminare und Therapie in KielOtoons - - Devakrishnas funny and thoughtful Osho comics and cartoons

 Devakrishna Marco Giollo - - Here is Devakrishnas page with his wonderfully inspired painting art

 Angela Nordmann - - Angela is facilitating 5Rhythms and other dance- and dance-therapy events and workshops in and around Kiel

 Britta Weitbrecht -  Britta is facilitating various dance classes and events in the area of Deggendorf, Straubing

 Christine Honikel - Christine offers various dance- and psycho- therapy classes and personal coaching

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