The Call of the Drums

Kein Problem! Wie geht das?
The Power of Drums


 Drum and Smile

Since my early childhood, drumming was my passion.

Many people called me: "The happiest Drummer in the World" -

Why? - Because drumming, banging, shaking, dancing, making rhythms -

gives me so much pleasure, that I cannot help, but smile!

A real smile is very contagious, and my goal is to help other people to smile.

My most simple way is:

I get them people drumming!

The approach is quite simple:

Put seats in a circle, put drums and percussion instruments on those seats,

and invite everyone to join and play together.


Drum Circle during the Art Of Being festival

 ... and after a very short time most of the participants do like I do:

they Drum and Smile



Facilitated Drum Circles


A Drum circle is as easy and simple as:

One – two, let's all play!!!


Playful, joyful, straight forward - A facilitated drum circle (DCF) is the easy way to let people experience the joy of drumming together and creating spontaneous music without any previous training or teaching... Drums and percussion instruments offer the most easy access and give instantaneous moments of success.

Adult education, seminars, trainings, parties, festivals, schools, kindergardens, etc... Corporate, communal or private - an uplifting intervention or an indeep process to experience the qualities of teambuilding, and bonding... the qualities of a DCF can be used in many occasions and environments.

Interested? Curious? Just give us a call or send us a mail for an experience of fun and joy. We bring all that it needs: Instruments, experience and a bag of tricks and kicks to get all participants drumming and smiling in very short time!


Boom Whacker® events

Boom Whackers are colored, lightweight, tuned plastic tubes which allow quick interventions for conferences, meetings, parties and other events to uplift and revitalize the energy, specially after long periods of mental input....

Boom Whackers are easy to play, easy to distribute, even in big events, and they always sound "in tune", due to the pentatonic scale!

Boom Whackers are light, playful and can be played by anyone who is able to grab a tube of 4 cm diameter. The sound is sweet and light...



There is an old african proverb:


If you can walk, you can dance

If you can talk, you can sing

If you can clap, you can drum


(the last line is my personal addition)



Touch the Sounds  – The Call Of The Drums

promotes the simple idea that people of all walks, age and ability can play music together without any previous training or teaching.



 Boom Whacker ® is a registered trademark of  Rhythm Band Instruments LLC (RBI)

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