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Drumming events in Business:

 Team building, Ice-breaking, Uplifting



Teambuilding event with 40 participants for Banca Populare Di Milano

Drum Circles are a fantastic, powerful tool to support companies and facilities to team up their human resources and energies to grow together as a strong performing unit. The quality of the orchestra as a methaphor is easy to transfer in theory and practice:

- Leadership: Go ahead, be an example, give clear instructions and people will follow.            Pushing and Pressure instead create reluctance and/or reaction

 - Playing together: Gaining success and productivity when all "Play" (team up) together in harmony at eye-level. Everyone reaches greater success through the team than as an individual... 

- Motivation/Integration - Every instrument (job) plays an important role in the orchestra. Feeling and realizing the importance of each single individual for the whole (firm, company, association, ect.) helps to rise wellbeing and and belonging to the team

- Communication: Interaction and listening is facilitating better/clearer communication and results

- Bonding: Playing music together lowers the borders and creates bondage and comradry.

- Flexibility: experiencing different positions, instruments, locations hone personal skills and give a more differential view on the whole


Drumming supports team spirit, synergy, community, enhances health and helps to unleash all the hidden potential in your company

Companies and firms worldwide use the tools of facilitated drum circles for teambuilding, extended communication and ice breaking effects in trainings, educational- and recreational events.

Some of the benefits achived are

- Better communication

- Higher Motivation

- More responsibility

- Improved moral amonst emplyees

- Cooperation instead of competition

- Overall improved productivity, health and innovations


We offer specially designed formats for corporate trainings, festivities, celebrations or recreation. We work closely with your trainers and event planning team to create an event that suits your specific needs and goals.


Leading people like great conductors lead their orchestra

A highly recommend video of Ital Talgam, a very successful conductor from Israel:

 ”(The conductor’s) happiness does not come from only his own story and his joy of the music. The joy is about enabling other people’s stories to be heard at the same ti

Use our drumming events to break the ice in meetings, conferences and parties 

Drumming events are an exellent tool to break the ice between participants, guests, partners during conferences, meetings, educational events and parties.

It just takes a few moments to melt the ice when people play drums together. The general reaction is a bright smile on everyones face. Simple facilitations help everyone to gain quick moments of success, laughter and joy... You can be sure, your event will be a great success and people will talk for weeks or even month' about it ...

For short interventions we also offer Boom Whacker® events. Boom Whackers® are light, colored tubes; easy to play, with different notes, quickly to distribute even to big audiences, enabling for quick interventions during vitually any type of event. Boom whackers® are less noisy - perfect for events where drums would be too invasive.


Use our experience:

Depending on your demands and circumstances we

- bring all needed drums and percussion instruments

- set up the space

- distribute the instruments

- facilitate with playful interactive interventions

- share our passion and commitment

- support your event to extend your success



BPM - Banca Popolare di Milano, Italy

Novartis - Zurich, Switzerland



Hartmann Events, Munich, Germany

Montessori School, Zurich, Switzerland

The Festival, Varazze, Italy

Hotel Allegro, Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Commune di Marti, Italy

Padmafarma, Brno, Czech Republic

Art of Being Festival, Prague, Czech Republic

Pedere Amarti, Pisa, Italy

CoOL, Cremona, Italy

City of Bergamo

Holistic Music + Meditation Camp, The Abode of the Message, New Lebanon, NY, USA

Sugama, Lazanky, Czech Republic


Miasto Summer Meditation Festival, Tuscany, Italy

RISK, Meditation Resort, Breadstrup, Denmark

Mascere Nere, Milano, Italy

Meditation Festival Schönbuch, Germany



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